Simple thing to give your mundane life a fresh perspective.

I’m sure a lot of you will have either heard of this or just figured/tried it out yourselves.

Most of us who are let’s say in what people would consider a steady, stable repetitive stage of life (some would call it mundane) often use the same path’s, roads, route’s (you get the point) to get from work to home or from home to the gym etc. These literal path’s become so ingrained into our daily routines that we barely realize taking them and even forget sometimes that we use them. They seem monotone and down right boring. We often occupy ourselves with various other distractions to make the time go faster (peer into our bright mind-numbing smartphones, get lost in music, do work, sing along to a tune in the car, get angry at stupid people on the road, pick our noses etc).

Well there is something else that you could try and this is very simple.

So instead of looking at the closest objects, route markers, land marks etc, try looking past them. Look as far as you can into the distance. Do this looking to the left, to the right, in-between streets and houses. Don’t limit your vision to the things closest to you, try figuring out how far each path of vision goes and find out what lies there.

When ever I remember to do this even on a road or route that I have done this before on I ALWAYS find something new that I did not know was there before. It always takes me by surprise and honestly makes me feel a bit daft for not knowing this about something I imagined I knew so well.

It really is a funny feeling and I don’t really understand why we stop observing our surroundings after the first few times we have been somewhere. It really seems somewhat shortsighted and cocky.

Anyway I am not sure if this is something that might apply for me but I’d think that it isn’t.

Please let me know if you try this or have experienced the same.



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