Random acts of kindness or calculated acts of self-gain?

There has been a trend for quite some time now where Youtube’rs and other social media “persons” go out (usually to the streets) to do some kind of charitable act like for example giving food to the homeless whilst filming themselves doing this benevolent act and then posting it online for everyone to see.

Personally I have thought that this is a very nice idea and that more people should do this but I haven’t been able to get rid of the feeling that these sorts of acts are perhaps more self serving than what they seem.

This I guess depends on the true motivation of the “benevolent” actor which we will never really find out. However looking objectively at it, it does seem a bit strange that some of these YouTube stars will gain a lot more by doing these things than the intended recipient of this charitable act (through views etc). My problem I guess is the filming part of it because this objectifies the people involved. Shouldn’t we just do these acts of kindness without being recognized for them? Isn’t this the ultimate act of kindness where you do not revive anything back except maybe the “thank you” of the person you are helping and not the “aww’s” of a million disconnected viewers?

The problem is I can’t say that what they are doing is bad but then again I can’t help but feeling that the so called charitable acts are more self serving than anything else and hence feel very fake somehow.

Here is one of these videos which get my consciousness all mixed up.

In this one he obviously is also shamelessly promoting Olive Garden.

What do you think?

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