Took down yesterdays post.

What is too personal? Where does one draw the line when blogging?

Well yesterday I think my personal boundary was crossed. Posted something which was too personal and realized a few hours later that I was not comfortable with it staying up.

The whole post is somewhat of a blur. I was feeling pain and must have needed an outlet for it. Because usually these types of things does not happen to me.  I am very good at keeping feelings to myself, which I know is not a good thing (but that’s who I am).

But how much info is too much?


8 thoughts on “Took down yesterdays post.

  1. gotta learn to keep a little of yourself to yourself, but careful not to overwhelm and break yourself, as for that fine line, once you find it, be sure to show me….:)

    1. Thanks for the advice! Yes you are absolutely right that there is a fine line and that finding it is important. My problem in general is probably that I play it safe when it comes to sharing how I feel (i.e. sharing nothing). So on the random occasions I have shared something (even if its not crossing any ‘personal’ boundaries) I may regret them as it is not something that I am generally used to.

  2. I ask my daughter that all the time. Her response is always the same. It’s what you feel comfortable with and who cares, it’s your blog. I write to release pain. Personally, it has helped see parts of me I would have not seen. Reading archived posts have shown me how much I have grown. So…I suppose the choice of how much information to share is how comfortable you are with what you are sharing.

    1. Thank you for the comment and insight! Absolutely true. I definitely see it as a good way to release pain and anguish. I guess what limits me is the fact that I am naturally quite shy and reserved about personal issues (I see this as a disadvantage). But also what limits me is the nature of the ‘problems’ as nearly all of them have something to do with an other person. So sharing that kind of information (even vaguely without names etc) feels wrong. Don’t know if this is normal or not.

      1. I understand, it has to feel right to you…what you are comfortable with. There are times I either write down my frustrations or a blog, but publish it as ‘private’ of leave it in the draft folder. If I don’t want to take a chance of someone finding it hanging around the internet some day, I write it down. Either way, writing has helped me work through a lot.

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