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Music for a slow-motion day

The beauty of this life is that no moment is ever the same. All moments are different in someway even though they may feel similar. Today feels like a slow motion kind of day, where things around me move in

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Beautiful moments..

I find myself often in beautiful moments, where I stop to appreciate the complexity of my existence yet the seemingly simple chain of events that have led me to that point. It is confounding and liberating simultaneously. My thoughts then

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Summer vibes

Small random gallery from this Summer taken on a GoPro. Also hello to everyone after some time of silence ๐Ÿ™‚

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Some say integrity is fundamental flaw of our nature. That is, the human nature. Well assume that you are a alien, a being who has no prior knowledge of this world, of our world. And assume that you have decided

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Last set.

Here is the last set of pictures from varying times and places. From here on out posts will be more current ๐Ÿ™‚

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Music time

Thought I’d throw in a nice tune for this week.

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Winter beauty!

As promised here is another set of expedition pictures a few months ago from theย  southern tip of Finland. It was an absolutely stunning day, very cold and everything covered with a thick layer of snow. The warm sea created

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