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SAIS 2 – Call for Proposals

Southern Africa Innovation Support II If anyone is in the region and looking for funding within innovation!

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UN and Blockchain

You may have heard about crypto-currencies like bitcoin and the underlying technology called Blockchain. The hype around this tech revolution is warranted in my opinion and it is being explored by multiple entities both private and public. Here is an

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Need more time in your day? How about getting 2 more months of productive time every single year..

I know, sounds like I am selling snake oil here but before judging hear me out. First off I am NOT and I mean not AT ALL a morning person whatsoever, I love to stay under the covers and sleep

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The risks of being a journalist

Every year, hundreds of journalists are attacked, imprisoned, or killed. This is an interesting site which among other things, maps the risks that journalists face and have been facing since 1992. Maybe not the most positive post to start

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What does the future hold?

Interesting short video about the future of humanity and technology. I’m not really sure what to think about it but I can see the links made here, I have also heard about/thought of these concerns before. What do you think?

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Mid week tune and re-post of an idea.

I really like this song, it takes me to a deep mysterious beautiful world and simultaneously gives me a sense of “anything can be overcome” if you keep at it. Doesn’t make much sense probably. That’s the beauty of music

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Another high-quality Youtube downloader.

Recommended by a good friend. It has a bunch of functions, like converter, video down-loader etc! Save your favorite music from YouTube to MP3 format easily. Watch YouTube videos without flash, ads and comments. Enjoy!

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