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Friday mood – Jazz HipHop

It has been an intense week and I just need to find a good mood to start off the weekend, which will also be somewhat work centered. Nevertheless I get to work from home, so that helps. Enjoy your weekend

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Tune to kick-off the weekend.

Here is another newly released track that a group of friends I went to Uni with just published. It is inspiring to have seen their journey to fame and recognition, which they fully deserve! Truly talented group of guys. Enjoy!

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Great mix of classic and new music techniques!

I think I have already posted something about this guy – Tokio Mayers! Really talented musician in general and a genius pianist.

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My good friend released this amazing track recently!

Aspiring artist and my good friend Sean Tosin has been producing some nice tunes of late. Studied together with this guy and he is very talented, warmhearted, positive and has a beautiful soul. Check him out!

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What does the future hold?

Interesting short video about the future of humanity and technology. I’m not really sure what to think about it but I can see the links made here, I have also heard about/thought of these concerns before. What do you think?

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Mid week tune and re-post of an idea.

I really like this song, it takes me to a deep mysterious beautiful world and simultaneously gives me a sense of “anything can be overcome” if you keep at it. Doesn’t make much sense probably. That’s the beauty of music

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Another high-quality Youtube downloader.

Recommended by a good friend. It has a bunch of functions, like converter, video down-loader etc! Save your favorite music from YouTube to MP3 format easily. Watch YouTube videos without flash, ads and comments. Enjoy!

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