Beautiful moments..

I find myself often in beautiful moments, where I stop to appreciate the complexity of my existence yet the seemingly simple chain of events that have led me to that point. It is confounding and liberating simultaneously. My thoughts then turn to people who, at that very moment are struggling to stay alive in the … More Beautiful moments..

A World so quiet.

A world so quiet, A species so brutal, the days become blurred and the fight becomes futile.   A world so brutal, A species so quiet, are we really this short sighted not even to riot.   Maybe the humane in human is no longer desired, and the greed, the power has become our new … More A World so quiet.

Is it realistic?

I feel like I have to adapt myself into this current competitive, exploitative, brutal, world economic system, without compromising my personal morals, to get to the higher power positions in the societies elite echelons, so that I can ultimately make some actual change, hoping that through my struggles, greed would become reverse and that sharing … More Is it realistic?