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Depressing but interesting.

HBO with VICE have been producing mini-documentary series on different current issues around the world. The latest Season (4) is out and free to watch. It is very informative and interesting because the series examines a lot of the big

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Music for a slow-motion day

The beauty of this life is that no moment is ever the same. All moments are different in someway even though they may feel similar. Today feels like a slow motion kind of day, where things around me move in

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Beautiful moments..

I find myself often in beautiful moments, where I stop to appreciate the complexity of my existence yet the seemingly simple chain of events that have led me to that point. It is confounding and liberating simultaneously. My thoughts then

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Trip to Diani

So this was a trip me and one of my best friends did a few months back. It was an extempore trip from Nairobi to the coast. Although the pictures dont do the trip justice, they might give a small

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Back in the Sauna

Its been a week or so again, even though I tried to get back into a steady rhythm of posting. Anyway that’s life 🙂 So im back to the intense heat of Djibouti. Its not so much the heat that’s

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Antarctica: A Year on Ice – Stunning movie

Decided to watch a movie yesterday and happened to have this specific one lying around. So basically it is a documentary/biography of a guy who has lived there for over 10 years as a satellite engineer. During his work there

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White Sands Dive Trip

Yesterday I embarked yet on another diving trip herein Djibouti. Got up at 7, got ready, grabbed a few croissants on the way and boarded the boat. The weather was clear blue, warm and calm. We had a group of

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