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Anyone looking for CV editing know-how (for free)?

The plague of many job applicants is the arduous and unsatisfying task of editing one’s CV to fit the employers obscure and often confused instructions (if any exist). What format (EU, US, UK etc..), who is the audience, what information,

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Welcome 2016!

Here is a post to wish you all a great year ❤ More to come 🙂 -mm

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Trip to Diani

So this was a trip me and one of my best friends did a few months back. It was an extempore trip from Nairobi to the coast. Although the pictures dont do the trip justice, they might give a small

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Update on whats been going one for the last few months.

So my work-stint in Djibouti came to an end a few months back. It was truly an amazing experience even though it had its challenges (especially climate). My contract ended there so I headed out to look for the next

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Back in the Sauna

Its been a week or so again, even though I tried to get back into a steady rhythm of posting. Anyway that’s life 🙂 So im back to the intense heat of Djibouti. Its not so much the heat that’s

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Catching up by posting pictures.

Having recently returned to the blogging world and as I mentioned earlier, I will be posting a series of pictures that have accumulated during my short break. The Pictures are not in any apparent order so don’t be surprised if

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Busy times.

This week has been packed with work so naturally I missed a few days of posting. I will be leaving the little hot oven that is Djibouti to Nairobi on Sunday for a few work related meetings. Cant wait because

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