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Enjoy your weekend with this beautiful album!

Wish you a great and relaxed weekend! Much love! T

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Beautiful Lyrics <3

Was listening yesterday to my all time favorite band (Johhny Clegg and Savuka) since childhood and I couldn’t help myself but posting parts of the lyrics to one of their songs called “Dela”. It’s simply beautiful.. “One day I looked

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Morocco Trip.

Here is a collection of pictures from a trip to Morocco end of last year. I can only recommend visiting this beautiful country. I wasn’t the traditional tourist as I have a good friend who lives there who showed me

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Antarctica: A Year on Ice – Stunning movie

Decided to watch a movie yesterday and happened to have this specific one lying around. So basically it is a documentary/biography of a guy who has lived there for over 10 years as a satellite engineer. During his work there

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White Sands Dive Trip

Yesterday I embarked yet on another diving trip herein Djibouti. Got up at 7, got ready, grabbed a few croissants on the way and boarded the boat. The weather was clear blue, warm and calm. We had a group of

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Sound of a Woman – Kiesza

Stumbled on this beautiful track by Kiesza. Enjoy!

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