Two beautiful live-sets by Giolì & Assia filmed at stunning locations

Came across these two brilliant artists while pulling late nights working at home. This kind of music makes me concentrate and lose track of time. I know there are people who could not work with this type of beats but it works really well for me. In addition to being good sets with live instruments … More Two beautiful live-sets by Giolì & Assia filmed at stunning locations

Linear Fantasy

In and out as the tides grow stronger, the life which was once new now grows older, as morning labors and toils away, the evening sits and lays in wait, waiting for the darkness to come resume its rightful place. These are the cycles that run our world, cycles that are beautiful but also hurt … More Linear Fantasy

Stunning song

Here is a song to set the mood for the weekend. Heard this song during a friends wedding in Zanzibar a few weeks back (pictures and post will follow at some point). Have a peaceful one lovely people ❤

Serbia Ski-trip.

Yesterday I arrived back form a ski trip in the south of Serbia, Kapaonik. Last Thursday and Friday were both holidays here so myself and a few colleagues took the opportunity to have an extended weekend on the slopes. It took us roughly 5 hours by rented bus one way from Belgrade. We booked a … More Serbia Ski-trip.