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What is a website built with? Here is how you find out easily, free and quick.

Are you into websites and  building them? Or just curious about how they are built? Here is a tool which will give you the details of pretty much any website. What Type of: Web-server, Frameworks, Analytic and Tracking, Mobile platform,

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Alternatives for your favorite app/software? Here is a great tool to find free and functioning replacements

I was browsing for better versions of apps that I use daily. Because some of the ‘good’ apps that used to be great are now trying to get money off me, have way too many adds or have been updated

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Are you bored right now?.. Well here is a “one button” solution

I wouldn’t say that I am bored enough to push this button. Then again I found this website, so maybe I’m just not wiling to admit it.. Anyway this is a great little time killer for those moments when you

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Looking to become a Coder?

Here is a website which apparently has changed the lives of people, at least that’s what the testimonials tell you when entering the website. Anyway I have not had a chance to try it out but definitely will once I

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True Random Generator.

Looking for real randomness? Well here is a website that will provide you with some. Perhaps you have wondered how predictable machines like computers can generate randomness. In reality, most random numbers used in computer programs are pseudo-random, which

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Knowledge based search engine for all those technical questions.

I am sure many know of this search-engine, however for those who don’t here is a very good one. We can find any sort of information on internet with just few clicks. Normally, we use Google Search or Bing

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Promotion! A good friends brilliant online News website

Check this out! They are based in Kenya so they cover in depth Kenyan stories but also do international and regional pieces. It is a great site with some fresh quality content! Check it out!  

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