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Cool set of pictures from years back.

During my 3 month internship back in my Undergrad-Years in Kenya, I spent some time finding random images from tumblr for some reason. Fair to say I was bored at points of the internship period, mostly because I was not

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Winter beauty!

As promised here is another set of expedition pictures a few months ago from theĀ  southern tip of Finland. It was an absolutely stunning day, very cold and everything covered with a thick layer of snow. The warm sea created

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Simple beauty.

Found even more pictures lost in my phone’s deep dark memory. This is a set of pics that I took late last fall in Helsinki while on a walk.  

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A burst of color!

This gallery of bright fall colors was captured all in a span of 10 minutes while walking the dog. Felt a bit like being in some fantasy world. Wish the pictures could better illustrate the raw beauty that day. Hope

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Fall bliss –

Another small gallery of forgotten pictures from fall which was surprisingly late last year but just as beautiful. This time of year may be my favorite season in the northern hemisphere.  

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Catching up by posting pictures.

Having recently returned to the blogging world and as I mentioned earlier, I will be posting a series of pictures that have accumulated during my short break. The Pictures are not in any apparent order so don’t be surprised if

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