End of the “Gallery of Random” Series.

For the last few months I have been posting random pictures that I collected around 6 years ago from various sites like Tumblr. I collected them both because I found them beautiful, funny or intriguing and because I had a plan to make something out of them. That never came to fruition so when I found them sometime ago I decided to post some here and make galleries out of them.

Somehow I thought I would be able to upload all of them but having reached Vol.40 yesterday and only having posted 10% of what I have, maybe its time to take a break and do something else. If truth be told, it got quite easy to draft and publish these.

Anyway time for a change..

On a personal note, I am back in Belgrade but soon being deployed back to East-Africa for some new projects. Will try to do some updates regarding my travels.

Tomorrow and Friday are public holidays here so I’m heading to the ski-slopes in the south for an extended weekend!


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