Serbia Ski-trip.

Yesterday I arrived back form a ski trip in the south of Serbia, Kapaonik. Last Thursday and Friday were both holidays here so myself and a few colleagues took the opportunity to have an extended weekend on the slopes.

It took us roughly 5 hours by rented bus one way from Belgrade. We booked a large AirBnb for 10 people next to the Ski Center which allowed us to get to the ski slopes in 10 min by taxi.

The ski center itself was really nice and well organised. We had lovely weather with temperatures between -1 and -10 Celsius. We had a good coverage of snow and it was not too busy so that queuing for the lifts up to the slopes was not a hassle.

There are a number of slopes in Kapaonik with varying degrees of difficultly. I rented ski’s and enjoyed the red and blue slopes (medium and easy) whilst some of my colleagues were hitting the black (hard) slopes everyday.

Four days was just enough to get a hang of skiing again (it had been a while since my last time) and not get too tired. Evenings we spent in the cottage playing games and cooking (very cosy). The last night we went out to town where the party people go. It was also very nice but after long days of being active we were all very tired and didn’t stay out long.

The price for these 4 days was roughly around 300e inclusive of everything (transport, rentals, food, accommodation etc.) which is very decent as we were not even looking for the cheapest deals.

I warmly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance!

Below you will find a compilation of some pictures I took 🙂

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