A beautiful tune to start your week <3

“…how rare, and beautiful, it truly is that we exist”

Living in a situation where your everyday existence is met by personal reflection on “what am I doing, what is the meaning of it and where is this leading to” can be a bit daunting as well as tiring.

I know.. I’m making it sound as though things in my life are not so good. Well this is not the case. I guess I am in a situation where uncertainty is the norm and it is something that I signed up for. Maybe I am realizing that I need something more than just travel, money and career-experience. Feel like I am ready to settle in somewhere longer than for a year or two and create more meaningful relationships.

Anyway, that was a sidetrack from the actual topic of this post which is that, this song is beautiful and reflects the current state of mind.

I only realized now that it is quite an old track but nonetheless just as timeless and stunning.

Wish you a lovey start to the week.

Be sure to ask yourself if you are happy right now and if there is anything that you can do to make yourself happier.

You deserve it


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