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Cool set of pictures from years back.

During my 3 month internship back in my Undergrad-Years in Kenya, I spent some time finding random images from tumblr for some reason. Fair to say I was bored at points of the internship period, mostly because I was not

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Cryptic souls, matching hearts & millions of possibilities Wandering like rolling thunder, over the vast blue ocean. This is your world… Feeling restless but confident. Looking for a point to strike, a matching heart, a journey to start… Two forces

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Some say integrity is fundamental flaw of our nature. That is, the human nature. Well assume that you are a alien, a being who has no prior knowledge of this world, of our world. And assume that you have decided

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Last set.

Here is the last set of pictures from varying times and places. From here on out posts will be more current 🙂

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Winds of change

Some select pictures from Christmas holidays. The snow came later than ever before, I guess this really means that the climate is changing? To be honest I feel like everything in this world is changing, and at such a fast

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Short trip to Kenya

So this set of very random pictures are from a short trip to Kenya end of last year. While in Kenya I traveled to Kisumu and Nairobi, great trip! As I said very random.

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