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Want to know about Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis?

I am currently working on a task which involves designing protocols for operational security. I am using various sources to try and piece together a solid easy plan for others to follow. It is very interesting work but can be

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Need more time in your day? How about getting 2 more months of productive time every single year..

I know, sounds like I am selling snake oil here but before judging hear me out. First off I am NOT and I mean not AT ALL a morning person whatsoever, I love to stay under the covers and sleep

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Release: A new single by a good friend – Sean Tosin

I have posted a few of his tracks previously and just being able to follow how he is progressing in music is brilliant. He has talent, charisma and most importantly a big heart. I am sure he will become what

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A beautiful tune to start your week <3

“…how rare, and beautiful, it truly is that we exist” Living in a situation where your everyday existence is met by personal reflection on “what am I doing, what is the meaning of it and where is this leading to”

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Serbia Ski-trip.

Yesterday I arrived back form a ski trip in the south of Serbia, Kapaonik. Last Thursday and Friday were both holidays here so myself and a few colleagues took the opportunity to have an extended weekend on the slopes. It

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End of the “Gallery of Random” Series.

For the last few months I have been posting random pictures that I collected around 6 years ago from various sites like Tumblr. I collected them both because I found them beautiful, funny or intriguing and because I had a

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Back in Serbia.

Yesterday 5PM left the comfort and heat of Lusaka. Flew 7 hours to Dubai and then another 6 hours to cold dark Belgrade. Not a bad trip overall but being 2m tall doesn’t help when flying economy class. Having to

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