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Serbia Ski-trip.

Yesterday I arrived back form a ski trip in the south of Serbia, Kapaonik. Last Thursday and Friday were both holidays here so myself and a few colleagues took the opportunity to have an extended weekend on the slopes. It

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End of the “Gallery of Random” Series.

For the last few months I have been posting random pictures that I collected around 6 years ago from various sites like Tumblr. I collected them both because I found them beautiful, funny or intriguing and because I had a

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Back in Serbia.

Yesterday 5PM left the comfort and heat of Lusaka. Flew 7 hours to Dubai and then another 6 hours to cold dark Belgrade. Not a bad trip overall but being 2m tall doesn’t help when flying economy class. Having to

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Started the new year with a bang.

10 days, 22,000 km, and 6 countries later I am in Zambia diving back into my work routine. As promised in a previous post I would elaborate on my new year and what really went down. Well, as much as

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New year and new adventures!

As some of you may have noticed, my recent posts (Gallery of Random – series) have been kind of “simple” in the sense of convenience. Don’t get me wrong, it does take quite some time to arrange and choose the

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The journey through the metal detector.

There are usually three phases in the journey through the metal detector at the airport. First one is when you think, “right, everything is alright, I triple checked my pockets, I know whats in my bags and I am confident

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My good friend released this amazing track recently!

Aspiring artist and my good friend Sean Tosin has been producing some nice tunes of late. Studied together with this guy and he is very talented, warmhearted, positive and has a beautiful soul. Check him out!

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