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Off-the-grid cottage by the Finnish archipelago.

Our family has had a very special summer place for more than 70 years now. It is a small cabbing that was dragged over the ice on a sled by a tractor during one of the cold winters. It is

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Autumn sunset in Helsinki.

Small collection of pictures taken when I was in Helsinki in September. Autumn is always one of the most beautiful times especially up north. You can feel nature preparing for a long dark winter.

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Anyone looking for CV editing know-how (for free)?

The plague of many job applicants is the arduous and unsatisfying task of editing one’s CV to fit the employers obscure and often confused instructions (if any exist). What format (EU, US, UK etc..), who is the audience, what information,

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Childish grownups…

I was on a short trip to London last weekend to visit a friend and surprise her for her birthday. The weekend itself was brilliant! But the actual trip was not as nice. Mainly because my first leg from Belgrade

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A Tune to start the new week

Here we go again, another new week with fresh new winds. Here is a track by an artist that I enjoy very much. He makes some really good mainly vocal electronic music. All his tracks are catchy, have a soul

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How to get a MP3 file from a YouTube video?

If some of you are like me and haven’t gotten into the whole streaming music thing or like to have soft copies of your tracks. Then here is a way to convert YouTube videos of your favorite songs into a

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Music for a slow-motion day

The beauty of this life is that no moment is ever the same. All moments are different in someway even though they may feel similar. Today feels like a slow motion kind of day, where things around me move in

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