Confined comfortable freedom

It is such a humbling experience to walk in an untouched snow covered and still environment. Where it is so cold that the only sound you can hear is the powerful cracking and creaking sound of nature buckling under the deep dark freeze of winter. It feels like some kind of primal forces are waging an ancient and invisible war with each other.

It feels like the world is at peace with itself yet somehow it makes more sense being chaotic, not in a normal way. Its hard to describe it but it’s both sane and insane at the same time.

Like the the cold slowing down the usual senses, allowing for other senses to take over and nourish the mind with a new focused perspective. All the while, a comfort of being trapped in one’s own thoughts and the many layers of clothes one wears to stay alive.

It makes me feel safe and powerful at the same time while still fighting natures rules and boundaries. It boosts my self-confidence and convinces me that, “I can make it in life no matter what the future holds” .

For me this is the perfect description of a truly beautiful freedom within confines.

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