SAIS 2 – Call for Proposals

Southern Africa Innovation Support II If anyone is in the region and looking for funding within innovation!

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Want to know about Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis?

I am currently working on a task which involves designing protocols for operational security. I am using various sources to try and piece together a solid easy plan for others to follow. It is very interesting work but can be

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UN and Blockchain

You may have heard about crypto-currencies like bitcoin and the underlying technology called Blockchain. The hype around this tech revolution is warranted in my opinion and it is being explored by multiple entities both private and public. Here is an

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Intriguing artist

On the surface this seems pretty mainstream and pointless but if you dig a bit deeper into her songs and who she is you will find many layers of messages. Also I enjoy the sound!

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Beautiful “Corners of the Earth”

This is one of those tracks that takes me far far away whenever I listen to it. Enjoy and wishing you all a lovely start to the week ❤

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World needs more people like this.

After a random YouTube browse I stumbled on this old audition. Love this guys attitude and song! Have a lovely weekend! -mm

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Need more time in your day? How about getting 2 more months of productive time every single year..

I know, sounds like I am selling snake oil here but before judging hear me out. First off I am NOT and I mean not AT ALL a morning person whatsoever, I love to stay under the covers and sleep

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