The new Lion King

As soon as I heard Disney announcing a new Lion-King movie, my heart sank a little. Not only because remakes in most cases are just a lazy way of making more profit by recycling a good story, but also because they do not do justice to the original. Granted some remakes can be good, like … More The new Lion King

Two beautiful live-sets by Giolì & Assia filmed at stunning locations

Came across these two brilliant artists while pulling late nights working at home. This kind of music makes me concentrate and lose track of time. I know there are people who could not work with this type of beats but it works really well for me. In addition to being good sets with live instruments … More Two beautiful live-sets by Giolì & Assia filmed at stunning locations

A shift..

A monumental change in our common human nature and logic is coming. Our current realm of understanding will shift forcefully into a different time-line and reality. The irony in all this is that the smallest of individual actions one makes can be the determining factor of the outcome of this change. So trust me, you … More A shift..

What is life…

What is life if not for living? What is living if not for giving? What makes us human? Well, the blessing of loving, The ability to move past our history of self pity and hurting, To override the art of fulfilment and forgiving.