Anyone looking for CV editing know-how (for free)?

The plague of many job applicants is the arduous and unsatisfying task of editing one’s CV to fit the employers obscure and often confused instructions (if any exist). What format (EU, US, UK etc..), who is the audience, what information,

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Childish grownups…

I was on a short trip to London last weekend to visit a friend and surprise her for her birthday. The weekend itself was brilliant! But the actual trip was not as nice. Mainly because my first leg from Belgrade

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Cryptic souls, matching hearts & millions of possibilities Wandering like rolling thunder, over the vast blue ocean. This is your world… Feeling restless but confident. Looking for a point to strike, a matching heart, a journey to start… Two forces

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Depressing but interesting.

HBO with VICE have been producing mini-documentary series on different current issues around the world. The latest Season (4) is out and free to watch. It is very informative and interesting because the series examines a lot of the big

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A Tune to start the new week

Here we go again, another new week with fresh new winds. Here is a track by an artist that I enjoy very much. He makes some really good mainly vocal electronic music. All his tracks are catchy, have a soul

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Looking for a free and good Geographical Information System (GIS) tool?

I recently received a very basic training in GIS and an open source software called QGIS ( This software is very powerful and achieves very good if not better results than its licensed counterpart ArcGIS ( The training lasted just

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