The new Lion King

As soon as I heard Disney announcing a new Lion-King movie, my heart sank a little. Not only because remakes in most cases are just a lazy way of making more profit by recycling a good story, but also because they do not do justice to the original.

Granted some remakes can be good, like when the original was not well executed. However when it comes to remaking some of the most iconic movies like the Lion King, well I cannot see how this could lead to something better than the original. Sure the voice casting, visuals and all the effort that was put into it cannot be undermined, but is it ultimately worth it? Does it pay tribute to the original?

This is of course my opinion and I understand that other people may not see it this way. Maybe because I grew up with it, or because I get easily bored by the recycling of ideas, or whatever else that makes me an individual.

I did however find a movie review that covers all my points of criticism to this new Lion King very accurately, a lot better than I can ever express myself.

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