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Write to your future self!

Here is a new (digital) version of an old tradition that I have seen/heard many people do. Writing something to your future self. This can be a highly reflective and deep process! What you do is you visit this website:

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Kygo tune for the weekend! Only a few hours old.

Here is a nice tune to begin the weekend. New release by Kygo featuring John Newman. Enjoy and have a great weekend 🙂

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A Tune to start the new week

Here we go again, another new week with fresh new winds. Here is a track by an artist that I enjoy very much. He makes some really good mainly vocal electronic music. All his tracks are catchy, have a soul

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Been a minute!

The last few years have been quite interesting, exciting and definitely challenging. Moving and traveling from country to country, living out of a suitcase, hopping from one short-term job to another. Finding myself in new environments, with new people and

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The Chemical Brothers are Back!

Just heard a new release by them and honestly they do not disappoint. Funny thing is that usually the ‘type’ of music or the ‘mood’  that they make is not even close to my common preferences however these guys just

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I recommend following this blog.

It deals with policy and world ideas. The writing is great, well sourced, interesting and steady flow of content.

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Happy New Year!

So as some might notice I have had a small break from blogging. Spent the holidays with my family at the winter cottage and it was great! Always good to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and

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