Explosive start to my New Year

10 days,

22,000 km,

and 6 countries later I am in Zambia diving back into my work routine.

As promised in a previous post I would elaborate on my new year and what really went down. Well, as much as I am able to express myself about it. Because it was quite the journey and I know these words will not do it justice.

So I  have been in Zambia the past 2 months for a work related deployment. I had reserved a holiday in Kenya, Mombasa over new year for 10 days. My plan was to relax by the beach and catch up with old friends. This happened but not as I thought. Prior to leaving a dear family member passed away. The funeral was set in the middle of my holiday so I had to obviously prioritize this while trying to keep as many of my original plans and commitments alive. This resulted in me traveling every other day over the period of the 10 days. Driving long nights and catching the cheapest flights.

All in all the trip was an emotionally mixed roller coaster. From reunions to goodbyes, from beaches to a cold dark winter, from family and friends to new quittance, from life to death, from inebriation to sobriety.

Below is a random collection of pictures from this trip.

I really like the word random don’t I?…

Zambia – Mozambique – Rwanda – Kenya – Qatar – Finland – Qatar – Kenya (Nairobi – Mombasa – Nairobi) – Uganda – Rwanda – Zambia

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