Non-stop travel 2018: Part 1 – Belgrade/Nairobi/Thika

So these pictures represent the beginning of my crazy traveling spree starting end of this February 2018. Until last weekend I have been on the move (traveling) every other week roughly.

Prior to this I was also on the move a lot.

You can see some of my posts here:

But the latest spree has been the longest continuous one I have had in a while. Almost 20 countries, 50+ flights, distance equivalent to 3x around the world etc.

Anyway below I left the snowy coziness of Belgrade to my following deployment in Nairobi where I stayed for 3 months with some travels in between.

Played squash the first few weeks, went to the launch of my close friends new bar in Nairobi and visited one of our projects in Thika.


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