Non-stop travel 2018: Part 7 – Nairobi/Doha/Belgrade/Helsinki

Next set is from 4 different destinations after the Khartoum wedding. 1 weekend in Nairobi. 1 day layover in Doha. 1 week of work and relaxing in Belgrade. 1 weekend in Helsinki helping my parents move to a new house.   Spring in Belgrade is beautiful and fresh! Previous Post (Khartoum) here:

Non-stop travel 2018: Part 1 – Belgrade/Nairobi/Thika

So these pictures represent the beginning of my crazy traveling spree starting end of this February 2018. Until last weekend I have been on the move (traveling) every other week roughly. Prior to this I was also on the move a lot. You can see some of my posts here: … More Non-stop travel 2018: Part 1 – Belgrade/Nairobi/Thika

Back in Kenya!

So I recently arrived back to Nairobi for work and will be here for the next couple of months. I am very happy to be back again! Will be sharing some pictures and adventures at some point. Here is a song from one of the biggest artist groups in Kenya (Sauti Sol) whom I went … More Back in Kenya!

What is happening in Kenya?

The sad truth is that most countries in the world are currently facing some type of struggle. Be it environmental, economic, geopolitical etc. Kenya is no exception, with a growing inequality between the poor and the rich, environmental degradation, endemic corruption, clan identity struggles, growing refugee camps, increasing criminal and mafia type groups, complicated international … More What is happening in Kenya?