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My good friend released this amazing track recently!

Aspiring artist and my good friend Sean Tosin has been producing some nice tunes of late. Studied together with this guy and he is very talented, warmhearted, positive and has a beautiful soul. Check him out!

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Mid week tune and re-post of an idea.

I really like this song, it takes me to a deep mysterious beautiful world and simultaneously gives me a sense of “anything can be overcome” if you keep at it. Doesn’t make much sense probably. That’s the beauty of music

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Another high-quality Youtube downloader.

Recommended by a good friend. It has a bunch of functions, like converter, video down-loader etc! Save your favorite music from YouTube to MP3 format easily. Watch YouTube videos without flash, ads and comments. Enjoy!

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Beautiful Happy/Sad song.

Stumbled on this artist yesterday. Really like the string arrangements and the overall harmony of the song. Somehow very light but also deep. Sad is not perhaps the right word, maybe melancholy mixed with hope and happiness is more fitting.

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Depressing but interesting.

HBO with VICE have been producing mini-documentary series on different current issues around the world. The latest Season (4) is out and free to watch. It is very informative and interesting because the series examines a lot of the big

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How to get a MP3 file from a YouTube video?

If some of you are like me and haven’t gotten into the whole streaming music thing or like to have soft copies of your tracks. Then here is a way to convert YouTube videos of your favorite songs into a

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Music for a slow-motion day

The beauty of this life is that no moment is ever the same. All moments are different in someway even though they may feel similar. Today feels like a slow motion kind of day, where things around me move in

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