Its been one crazy year so far..

Haven’t posted anything for sometime due to many different factors. The main one being that I have barely been able to keep up with myself because of all the traveling, events, work and just normal life things..

So far this year (2018) I have traveled to over 15 countries, some of which i have visited multiple times. Taken over 50 flights and been to many beautiful weddings, birthdays, a funeral, visited projects for work, reunions with old and dear friends and the list goes on..

I’m not complaining, well maybe just a little because living out of a suitcase and saying bye to new and old friends gets a bit tiring and its hard to take a moment to process everything that has happened so far. Nevertheless I consider myself very fortunate and try to remain humble in view of all these great opportunities and experiences I have been able to be a part of.

I have now uploaded all the pictures onto my computer since my last “adventure” post and will try to post each experience in the coming months.

Currently I am in Denmark where I have been deployed to over the Summer. Tomorrow I head back to “home base” in Belgrade, few days after that I will go on a holiday to Kenya. Looking very much forward to this!

Here is a proof of life picture of me and one of my brothers in Khartoum. The story of this trip will come at some point.

Tbc – Cheers!


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