Small break in between adventures

I recently finished my 2 year work assignment in Serbia which was overall an amazing experience. I can only say good things about the people I met in Serbia, living in Belgrade and experiencing the amazing environment. Sadly it has come to an end and so my next adventure begins soon in Tanzania (should my permits be approved).

Its fair to say that my work during my time in Serbia was extremely intense. I was traveling more than half of the time while “residing there” to other countries. Living out of a suitcase, eating out, meeting so many new people and sitting in different means of transport hours on end. So now that it is over and during this transition, I have been in Finland with my family taking a kind of breather before I embark onto a new adventure. Which has been an opportunity to reflect and catch up with myself. Additionally summer here in Helsinki has been amazing (some pics below).

So all in all I am feeling content and eager to start a new chapter soon (fingers crossed).


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