A trip down memory lane

Well I’m still in Finland, waiting to get news on my work permit to East-Africa. Meaning that I work long distance and stay with family here in Helsinki. Also I still haven’t officially moved from Serbia (my last country of residence) because I have to wait for the permits and legally cannot do the waiting there. Additionally I cannot move my belongings to Finland, because I do not live here either. So I keep on referring to my situation as being “stuck” but this has a negative connotation to the “where” I am stuck in, i.e. Finland. Which is not the case at all. So rather than saying that I am stuck, maybe I should say I’m fortunate, reasonably contempt but eager to start a new chapter.

So why does this have any relevance to the post title. Well due to this unforeseen situation I have had time to do things that I would usually put on the back-burner. Such as organizing data in the form of pictures from old laptops and hard-drives. Which have piled up in Finland in between all my travels and living in other parts of the world.

I began this seemingly unachievable task over the weekend. By the way I have about 5-6TB of stored data from my work, university days, school, travels, projects etc. A lot of it is useless but among the endless directories and similarly named folders are golden nuggets from the past. Pictures and videos throughout my life which I have now tediously set out to organise by year (darn it, why didn’t I just do this from the start..). I’m currently at about 90Gigs of pictures and videos 2003-2019.

Anyway I have been on an emotional trip down memory lane which ultimately made me think how fortunate I really am. Strange how we tend to forget about many beautiful and sad moments in our lives. Not only this, it turns out that the experience is also highly relaxing and satisfying.

After this I will probably get a new personal laptop, figure out a the best way to collate and store the newly organised data and probably do some posts of the gold old days 😉


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