100 Follower’s!

I am over the moon today as I realized I have reached a total of 100 followers. Honestly it made my day and therefore I want to thank each one of you from the very bottom of my heart for this. I’m not very fussy about numbers and followers usually, especially on this blog as … More 100 Follower’s!

Ice-hockey game!

My godfather called me today randomly and asked if I was interested in going for a Ice-hockey game. And as my evening was free I decided to say yes. I hadn’t gone to one for sometime (like 8 years) so this was a really enjoyable experience, as I don’t usually follow any type of sports … More Ice-hockey game!

Winter is coming.

Now that I am back up north for a bit, it has become evident that I forgot what cold was all about. Although temperatures are dropping day by day, it is warm compared to what it should be. Winter is coming quite late this year as it is only around zero degrees Celsius right now. … More Winter is coming.

Finland, invest in National Defence or Social Security?

Due to recent Russian military activities and mishaps both in Finnish airspace and within its maritime boundaries the govenrment has suggested that it may increase its military budget because of such incidents. Some political parties are concerned about Finnish sovereignty and therefore are pushing for an increase in Defense capabilities against its humongous neighbor (Russia). Meanwhile … More Finland, invest in National Defence or Social Security?