100 Follower’s!

I am over the moon today as I realized I have reached a total of 100 followers.

Honestly it made my day and therefore I want to thank each one of you from the very bottom of my heart for this.

I’m not very fussy about numbers and followers usually, especially on this blog as the main motivation behind Kamakawida is a personal one, a challenge more like. But I cannot lie that the feeling I get from realizing that there are people who occasionally read and subscribe to my random posts and blog, is borderline euphoric.

It does give me more motivation and inspiration to keep on going which some days I honestly really do need.

So thank you gain for the support, the likes, the comments, the subscriptions and most importantly your valuable time!

I know how many millions of people are out there who have blogs (with lets be honest, better quality and consistency of posts) and that for everyone time is becoming more and more scares in this all consuming world.

So thank you again!

On a side note, I have decided to reveal more about myself, put up a profile picture as a part of my 300th post which is soon around the corner (I know, uuuhhh..). I am very shy and have always had an issue with putting my identity up on the internet but I figured that I have kept this blog running quite smoothly so why not let people know a bit about myself too (hat is if anyone happens to be interested).

Also I doubt that it will be a massive sensation as I am just another special person amongst 7 + billion special souls.

Much Love,



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