Earth’s CO2 emissions visualized in 3 plus minutes.

This makes one wonder where we are headed to. Pretty obvious that this cannot be interpreted as positive and pretty obvious that who ever says humans are not contributing to climate change in any significant way are either daft or in denial.


2 thoughts on “Earth’s CO2 emissions visualized in 3 plus minutes.

  1. If one were to think about this logically—and not all people are capable of logical thinking—at the time of the last ice age there were about a million people on Earth. Now we are heading towards EIGHT BILLION. Those extra people have destroyed the forests and grasslands which helped cleanse the air; they have brought their dirty industries and automobiles…. On and on. It’s not going to get better.

    1. Yes I absolutely agree with you! It is a downwards spiral and honestly I am quite worried. Things are getting worse exponentially and I am more of the opinion that a reality check will happen in our lifetime.

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