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Beautiful moments..

I find myself often in beautiful moments, where I stop to appreciate the complexity of my existence yet the seemingly simple chain of events that have led me to that point. It is confounding and liberating simultaneously. My thoughts then

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Mid Week motivational Song brought to you by – Walk Off The Earth

Here is one of those feel-good songs to keep you going till the weekend! enjoy<3

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Some tracks by my all-time favorite band.

I don’t know how many of you get the same feeling I do when I hear any track by my favorite band since childhood. This sense of easy and elation combined rushes through my body and I somehow seem to

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The most powerful security companies in the world?

Found this interesting article on the top most powerful security companies in the world. I am sure there are a few that are not on the list because they do not want to be publicly known or operate too much

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Things worth worrying about.

Here is an interesting piece on what some of the big thinkers of our time have to say about the human species and what should really be worrying us. They have some good points and I believe that if more

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I recommend following this blog.

It deals with policy and world ideas. The writing is great, well sourced, interesting and steady flow of content.

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Uncertainty expected so just get on with it

So as I mentioned in a previous post I recently attended my graduation ceremony. During the one week there I met a lot of my good friends who I studied with. They all live abroad in various countries so meeting

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