A shift..

A monumental change in our common human nature and logic is coming. Our current realm of understanding will shift forcefully into a different time-line and reality. The irony in all this is that the smallest of individual actions one makes can be the determining factor of the outcome of this change. So trust me, you … More A shift..

Brilliant Cartoon Response to the French Charlie Hebdo attacks.

I think he points out a fundamental problem that spans nearly all current conflicts and struggles. The fact that we as a race are at a point in time where we are unwilling and ignorant by choice in facing the real underlying problems which cause such unnecessary expressions of violence. Everything is interlinked so there … More Brilliant Cartoon Response to the French Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Winter is coming.

Now that I am back up north for a bit, it has become evident that I forgot what cold was all about. Although temperatures are dropping day by day, it is warm compared to what it should be. Winter is coming quite late this year as it is only around zero degrees Celsius right now. … More Winter is coming.

What does the sun really do to you? How the sun sees you: Putting people under the ultraviolet test.

This is actually a really good demonstration of the sun and our skin. You can also see how effective sunscreen is. Enjoy! http://mic.com/articles/96214/freaky-video-shows-what-sun-damage-is-doing-to-your-skin?utm_source=policymicTBLR&utm_medium=main&utm_campaign=social