Off-the-grid cottage by the Finnish archipelago.

Our family has had a very special summer place for more than 70 years now. It is a small cabbing that was dragged over the ice on a sled by a tractor during one of the cold winters. It is completely off-grid and is only supported by 4 stone blocs on which it stands on. The cabin is separated into 2 compartments both of which have 2 inbuilt bunk-beds.

There is one gas-cooker and recently installed solar panel (1sq m) to provide some lighting and charging points for mobile phones. Drinking water is collected from an old well and the rest of the water for other use such as washing is taken straight out of the sea. There is a small tent sauna for washing and relaxing and then a sort of makeshift tarpaulin hung over a wooden frame structure on the beach to serve as a living/dining room.

The cabin is located on the most southern part of Finland’s mainland adjacent to a nature reserve, which makes it somewhat inaccessible and remote. There is a white sand beach which stretches for about 400m and is uninhabited.

It is a special place and holds a lot of memories. Truly a place to unwind and go back to the basics!

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