200th Follower!

Just noticed that I hit my 200th follower a few days ago! It may not be a very exciting achievement for most of you but personally it does make a difference. Simply because I never meant for this blogĀ  to be followed. It was more of a personal project more than anything else. So every … More 200th Follower!

400th Post!

Today Kamakawida has achieved a total of 400 posts in just over a year (1 post a day is still a reality)! It is funny how time flies by so fast, it seems only like yesterday when I was writing my first nervous blog-post. And today I’m typing with confidence and conviction. So far the … More 400th Post!

One year of posting under the belt.

So WordPress informed me of my achievement today. One full year of blogging or being on WordPress completed. Link to my first ever post: https://kamakawida.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/those-who-do-n/ I was aware that I was getting close but was not sure due to my laziness and bad memory. I’m happy to inform that the number of posts corresponds to … More One year of posting under the belt.

100 Follower’s!

I am over the moon today as I realized I have reached a total of 100 followers. Honestly it made my day and therefore I want to thank each one of you from the very bottom of my heart for this. I’m not very fussy about numbers and followers usually, especially on this blog as … More 100 Follower’s!