One year of posting under the belt.

So WordPress informed me of my achievement today. One full year of blogging or being on WordPress completed.

Link to my first ever post:

I was aware that I was getting close but was not sure due to my laziness and bad memory.

I’m happy to inform that the number of posts corresponds to the number of days I have been on WordPress although at times I have had to do some catching up and at times some of the posts lack inspiration and creativity.

But the goal was achieved either way. So now my next goal will be one more full year of posting. (Lets see how that goes).

Anyway the re-cap the one year in relation to my life and my posts would be along the lines of ups, downs, big changes, busyness and boredom. However all in all very positive and exciting! I have learned a lot in-terms blogging and myself.

Finally I would like to thank all of the people who took time to stop by and read or peek at my craziness. Because even though the purpose of the blog was more of a personal challenge, it made my day when I saw that there were a number of people who took a look at what I had to say. Especially the people who took time to comment and subscribe.

Time is valuable and in the current frenzy of information attacking us from every possible source and in every possible moment it is increasingly rare for people to stop by at some random blog with random posts created by just some other random weird guy.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love you all<3



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