This level of opulence makes me feel just a bit sick.

I do not mean to say that the people who are this wealthy make me sick (anyone of us could be in such positions). Rather its the notion of such prosperity being able to exist and sustain itself in a world that witnesses so much suffering due to the other side (majority) lacking it.

How much does one really need to lead a comfortable life, surely not helipads and private immigration officials. Surely not a house on an artificially created, unsustainable, environmentally unfriendly and resource guzzling island.

Where should the line be drawn?

But then again I guess there really doesn’t need to be a line since such is the nature of our current society. Turning a blind eye to inequality even if it puts to question the core of our humanity.

Honestly non of what is happening today, the current state of affairs and what we as a human race have become makes sense.

Imagine explaining our world to an outsider (an alien if you will). You may start by talking about how we as humans are as beings. Our intellect, general morals, our codes of conduct and values. How we see each other, all the things that we see as good in ourselves and others. Then maybe our differences and similarities. Our achievements and failures. Our visions and aspirations.

Oh and by the way that, we live in a system created by ourselves that oppresses (enslaves, kills, whatever you want to call it) the majority through non tangible restraints  so that a handful people can have more then they would ever need in their life time, and times that by a thousand (this is a conservative estimate).

The best part being that we are aware of it but seemingly totally fine with this because we are not doing anything about it. The few people that are, are either operating under the guise of ‘doing good’ or then have been labeled crazy, extreme or irrational. And on a side note, in the process we are draining and destroying the very space which is essential for our entire existence.

Maybe I’m too pessimistic and dark about these things. But then again what goes on is really dark and if we don’t see it, acknowledge it, accept it and do something about it then its entirely our own fault.

I’m not implying either that there is not hope, on the contrary, there’s tons of it. It is just a matter of uniting and challenging what we identify as being wrong. Easier said then done but it doesn’t make it impossible.


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