400th Post!

Today Kamakawida has achieved a total of 400 posts in just over a year (1 post a day is still a reality)! It is funny how time flies by so fast, it seems only like yesterday when I was writing my first nervous blog-post. And today I’m typing with confidence and conviction. So far the … More 400th Post!

One year of posting under the belt.

So WordPress informed me of my achievement today. One full year of blogging or being on WordPress completed. Link to my first ever post: https://kamakawida.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/those-who-do-n/ I was aware that I was getting close but was not sure due to my laziness and bad memory. I’m happy to inform that the number of posts corresponds to … More One year of posting under the belt.

Posts missed!

Its been roughly 4 days now that I have not manged to post anything. Reason is I’ve been busy… Surprise! Anyway I was visiting some relatives a few hours from the capital. It was great but very cold! Now I’m back to the mundane routine. Time to catch up the missed posts.  

2 Missed posts..

Well missed 2 posts this time. Not a big deal obviously but somehow I always feel guilty when it happens. Its a weird feeling, anyway I have a totally legitimate reason for this horrible neglect. Moved to a new house, so that obviously took some time and effort, but finally I am all settled in … More 2 Missed posts..

2 Posts Missed..

So there’s a first time for everything. I missed posting for two days for the first time since starting this blog. Reason was my best-man duties. Had a very successful wedding this weekend for my friend and obviously there was no time to post anything. Anyway, I will catch up with the two missed posts … More 2 Posts Missed..

100th Post!

So I finally reached a 100 posts! When I first started this blog I was sceptical to the level of commitment I would be required to post at least one a day. Although I did miss a few days here and there, I did manage to post the “missed” days and continue with my “one … More 100th Post!