100th Post!

So I finally reached a 100 posts!

When I first started this blog I was sceptical to the level of commitment I would be required to post at least one a day. Although I did miss a few days here and there, I did manage to post the “missed” days and continue with my “one post a day” target. Surprisingly at some point I felt like something was missing in my day if I hadn’t posted anything yet hat given day. I must say it is slightly addicting even though I barely get many hits. Which leads me to the next point. Thanking the people who have glanced at some of my posts or even read some of them. Much appreciated. Please feel free to send feedback on anything. What you enjoy, what might be interesting to know, more personal posts etc. I will try to keep posts a bit more diverse, but his depends largely on my workload from Uni and my Job. Either way the next target is to reach 200 posts!

Thank you!

I’ll leave you with a classic Lingala tune – Extra musica -Etat Major





2 thoughts on “100th Post!

  1. Hello, Thank you for your beautiful and impressing posts. I’m Mostafa Maleki from Iran. I’m art editor in Shahr-e Ketab Magazine. I just want to know if you are photographer of this red leaves trees? Or, if you are not, could you please if you know its photographer? Thank you.


    1. Hi!
      Sorry for the delay. This picture is unfortunately not one of my own. I believe I found it from a site called desktopbackgrounds.me. Cannot be 100% sure.

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