Check out this brilliant blogger.

I happened to stumble upon this blog a few days ago, especially this post which I though was sincere and heart felt. I commented on it and got a reply with a link to her (‘Becky’ the blogger) website. It is a great website with inspirational and energetic content. I love her attitude towards … More Check out this brilliant blogger.

400th Post!

Today Kamakawida has achieved a total of 400 posts in just over a year (1 post a day is still a reality)! It is funny how time flies by so fast, it seems only like yesterday when I was writing my first nervous blog-post. And today I’m typing with confidence and conviction. So far the … More 400th Post!

New site where I get my pictures for my posts.

For most of my pots thus far I have been relying on a website to get my pictures but as of late they stopped uploading more content and as I am quite picky about visuals I have exhausted their collection. Below is a old post about this website. So I started to look for … More New site where I get my pictures for my posts.

100th Post!

So I finally reached a 100 posts! When I first started this blog I was sceptical to the level of commitment I would be required to post at least one a day. Although I did miss a few days here and there, I did manage to post the “missed” days and continue with my “one … More 100th Post!