First day of not posting anything..


I started this blog roughly one month ago, and the dream was to be able to have a post each day. Finally yesterday I did not manage to put up a post because of a busy schedule and things came up.

I felt like I let myself down and that I failed. It was surprisingly a very heavy guilty feeling that came over me when I realised I would not be able to post yesterday.

Anyway I knew that this was going to happen and that it will probably happen again. So this will be my redemption post and I will follow this up with another “normal” post.

I have to also admit that due to the growing work load, I have not been able to post anything substantial so hence the “Check it out” website posts.

I will try to step it up whenever I have a bit of free time. I got some very interesting pieces I am working and hopefully I will be able to post them soon.

Would be nice to know if any of you bloggers out there have the same feeling?

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