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Are you bored right now?.. Well here is a “one button” solution

I wouldn’t say that I am bored enough to push this button. Then again I found this website, so maybe I’m just not wiling to admit it.. Anyway this is a great little time killer for those moments when you

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Two interesting articles on Grit and Energy Management

Found these interesting because they make sense, especially managing energy and productivity levels. Definitely something that I can apply into my own life.

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No time-line

Random set of old pictures with really no time line. Just happen to like these ones for some reason.

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Collection of effective info-graphics designs.

Pretty cool info-graphics I must say! Enjoy.

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Yesterdays Night Dive.

So yesterday got to go on another night time wreck dive here in Djibouti. The sea was the calmest in 5 years according to our resident diving instructor. The Dive itself was just as amazing just as the first time.

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Some tracks by my all-time favorite band.

I don’t know how many of you get the same feeling I do when I hear any track by my favorite band since childhood. This sense of easy and elation combined rushes through my body and I somehow seem to

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Visualize our history and putting time in perspective.

This graphic presentation of time in history really surprised me. I was under the impression that the ‘Common era’ was somehow much longer than this but when measured alongside the other eras its actually very short. Yet we as a

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