Im quitting social media!

For some time now I have been considering to quit social media, at least most of them (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

There are a few reasons for this but the main one’s being:

  1. Privacy and protecting my personal info. Most of these collect a bunch of information on you, sell it to the highest bidder.
  2. Manipulation of the information I receive and what I see, based on my habits.
  3. Free up more time and unshackle myself from this addictive self-serving addiction to share random pictures and information about what is going on in my life to random people.

My arguments (and many others) against doing this have been:

  1. FOMO = Fear of missing out.
  2. Not being able to stay in touch with people.
  3. Not staying current with technology trends or lowering my chance of being employed.

Well after having watched these two short videos I have been reaffirmed and convinced that this is what is best for me and probably for many others.


I would warmly recommend you to at least watch these and consider what impact Social Media has on you.

I will remain on WhatsApp (have taken all possible steps to protect my data), and LinkedIn (do not use this much) for now, as I want to stay in touch with friends and also need them for my day to day work. Might look at deleting these at a later stage.


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