Program to speed-up and clean-up your PC

So Ive been experimenting a with a bunch of methods to keep my computer clean, fast and safe.

Having tested a bunch of free products I decided to take a leap of faith and paid for a service called Advanced SystemCare Pro 12 (cost me around 15 Euros/18 USD for 1 year for 3 devices).

I did this because a few friends recommend the free version to me. With the free version you can use basic features of scanning and cleaning. The free version did seem to improve over-all performance and the User Interface was nice.

So now that I have had the paid version for a few weeks Ive noticed general improvements on increased CPU speed, lower temperatures on all components and almost no freezing (unless I have like 10 word documents, dual monitors, YouTube live stream, skype, outlook, etc running in the background). So far I am satisfied with it and would recommend it to others.

The only negative comment I have is that although I have paid for this service the program tries to sell me other programs in their product line, such as Driver Booster etc. Slightly annoying as it feels like they do not value their customers enough to stop pushing other products. You would expect that this would be disabled for people who have paid for it. Anyway it is not very annoying but rather a pet-peeve off mine.


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