Global human experiment.

Imagine knowing that for 1 whole minute, where ever you may be or what ever time it is, the entire population of the world would be thinking/doing the same exact thing as you are. And that this “thing” was a positive thought or a simple action.

I could compre it to the same feeling you get when you are looking at the moon and you know that someone else is doing the exact same thing somewhere far away. But this time a lot more powerful.

Because if you think about it, the only time we ever experience some unity like this is when someone well known passes away, or there is an important sporting event or when a huge catastrophe happens that directly affects a large number of people.

So here is my rough concept:

  • Create a short video, sound clip, text. Detailing simple instructions which can be understood by all people (no matter language, different abilities and disabilities etc.). The purpose being to display something universally recognized which reminds us that we are all the same.
  • The instructions would also give a clear time for this to happen. For example the target is to reach the same number of views as the number of people on this planet. Once the number is hit, lets say 9bn views then a count down timer of exactly 3 days would start. Indicating the exact time when this one unified human conscious effort would take place.
  • No matter what this “effort” is, be it silence, just breathing, seeking an embrace from another person, the core message would be to unite all people of the world in one conscious effort. The world population as view(‘s) would only be an “ideological number”. Sure we cannot get everyone in on it but I believe we can make it a large number. People who want to experience this will need to inform people around themselves about it.
  • Done!

But why do this, whats the point??..

Well I think our world needs something like this right now..

Especially the way things are going and the way we are treating each other and our beloved planet. Because whether or not we want it, we are all part of the bigger problem and therefore also the key to the solution(s) (that do exist).

The smallest and the most simplest things can make the biggest of differences.

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