Yesterdays Night Dive.

So yesterday got to go on another night time wreck dive here in Djibouti.

The sea was the calmest in 5 years according to our resident diving instructor.

The Dive itself was just as amazing just as the first time. I have a more detailed post on the previous dive here:

We also had a great dinner cooked by the crew and got to do some bottom fishing with hand-lines. I am a fishing addict by the way so this was right up my alley!

Below are some pictures as the sun was setting on our way to the dive spot from the port. Stunning sunset and weather. Unfortunately couldn’t take pictures of the dive or myself. Using a phone so do not want to get it wet and I am slightly camera shy.


4 thoughts on “Yesterdays Night Dive.

      1. Thank you very much! So nice of you. I feel that it really comes down to luck at times because many pictures I take are just absolutely ghastly (see my recent posts) 😀 Some however turn out well. This phone especially seems to enjoy contrasts and vibrant colors.

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