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Some say integrity is fundamental flaw of our nature. That is, the human nature. Well assume that you are a alien, a being who has no prior knowledge of this world, of our world. And assume that you have decided

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Took down yesterdays post.

What is too personal? Where does one draw the line when blogging? Well yesterday I think my personal boundary was crossed. Posted something which was too personal and realized a few hours later that I was not comfortable with it

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Got to catch up with posting.

Yes I have been a bad blogger and I feel guilty about it. Sometimes circumstances dictate what you can or can’t do. Sometimes you have to prioritize other things even if it is not optimal. And sometimes you justgive yourself

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A bit about me as promised.

So as I promised in a few posts ago, that as my 300th post on this blog I would write something about myself and maybe even put up a picture. Just so people who happen to read some of my

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100 Follower’s!

I am over the moon today as I realized I have reached a total of 100 followers. Honestly it made my day and therefore I want to thank each one of you from the very bottom of my heart for

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Missed a few posts.

So I missed three  posts but all justifiable reasons. I had my Masters thesis to hand in 2 days ago so obviously that was a hectic period. Then yesterday I spent the whole day looking for apartements so I wouldnt

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200th Post.

So I have reached 200 posts on this blog. When I started this blog I never thought I would actually keep up with posting each and every day. But somehow it has become a part of my daily routine and

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