A bit about me as promised.

So as I promised in a few posts ago, that as my 300th post on this blog I would write something about myself and maybe even put up a picture. Just so people who happen to read some of my “stuff” would have some kind of an idea about this weird person behind all this random “stuff”.

A bit about myself.

I am a tall 26 years old, male and of Finnish origin. I am part of a Swedish speaking minority in Finland but have lived more then half my life in Tanzania and Kenya so East-Africa is a big part of my life and I do consider it as a home.

I am first born and have a younger adopted sister so I guess that makes me the only born child biologically. I love her and my parents with all my heart.

I consider myself very fortunate to have lived and experienced a lot of different things all over the world.

I have amazing friends and really cannot (or at-least should not) complain about anything in my life. Obviously there have been ups an downs (heartbreaks and losses) but that is expected and all a part of this beautiful mystical thing we call life.

Personality wise I am quite shy and slightly introverted but once I get to know someone this changes.

Currently I live in Finland as I finished my masters studies in the UK. I have been job searching and manged to land an opportunity in Djibouti starting beginning of next year, so meanwhile I will be in Finland spending quality time with family.

I love to create, especially music. I am a dreamer as well as a thinker and have many random ideas pop into my head daily.

A bit about this blog.

As I did grow up mainly in  Tanzania, I learned Swahili and the culture and from this, the blog name Kamakawida came.

Kamakawida (or Kama kawida) means “as usual” or “same old”. Similar to the way you would answer someone who asked you how things are going. My username “mightymasai” came from the idea of combining two nicknames I have been called. Locals in Tanzania would call me “nusu masai” (half masai) because of my length and a few friends here in Finland call me “mighty” because my real name is the name of a Norse god.

As for the blog itself, I know my content does not follow any specific structure, I kind of post what I feel like each specific day. Also the point of this blog was perhaps a more personal challenge rather than trying to gain tons of followers and views.

But please do let me know what kind of content interest you and I can start adding more of it.

On that note I would want to thank the people who have subbed and visited this blog. It means a lot to me and really does make my day, so thank you!

Lastly two pics I managed to find of myself on this computer.



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