400th Post!

Today Kamakawida has achieved a total of 400 posts in just over a year (1 post a day is still a reality)!

It is funny how time flies by so fast, it seems only like yesterday when I was writing my first nervous blog-post. And today I’m typing with confidence and conviction.

So far the journey has been nothing but positive and a large part of it is thanks to all you amazing followers and readers out there. I feel very humbled that you take the time just to even take a quick glance at my daily random ramblings. It means a lot and I thank deeply you for it.

On that note I would love to hear any feedback about anything regarding this little blog. Anything that could make me more aware of how I write, what the preferred topics may be etc etc. Because so far I have only been focusing on how I feel on any given day which directly affects the post for that day. I would like to become more aware of what readers find interesting and what they don’t.

Anyway I am learning, enjoying, loving and living so that’s what counts right now.

Thank you all again, have a wonderful week and don’t be a stranger!



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